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In regarding Martin Luther King, Jr.; today’s federal holiday, as always, snaps us in our complacent faces. One cannot look at the accomplishments, and honor of a great man, and be unaware of the distance yet untraveled. If you are a fan of the Indigo Girls, or “hooked in”, you know the term “Blood Quantum”. Otherwise, this issue might have slid right past you.  Some forms of racial discrimination are alive and well, still contained in our laws and treaties with others. They continue to rankle and corrode. (more…)

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In the wake of the near and record high temperatures we are having in CA, there was no choice yesterday, but to get some other work done. A month’s worth of laundry left out to dry greenly in the sun, and weed pulling.  Those nasty little critters start growing in December. Give them three days of daytime warmth and they are suddenly two feet high. If you don’t get them in this first flush of warm weather, and before the moisture is out of the soil, you’ll never get them out of the clay soil we have. (more…)

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Was there any doubt?

Politico.com Breaking News:

Democratic leaders have accepted Roland Burris’ certification and will seat in him the U.S. Senate. He will be sworn in by the end of the week.


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If you haven’t been to the Confluence yet tonight, be sure and check out Shtuey’s post HERE.

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Anyone want to place a bet that the Senate will hold passing of these bills until the new Prez can sign them?  Read Heidi Li’s post HERE. Then tell me I’m wrong. With Brazille on the the Editorial Staff of MS, the upcoming edition looks pretty well planned to stick another finger in someone’s eye. Any of our Democratic candidates, had they become president, would have signed these bills into acts. (more…)

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Ok, I’m officially bored with the Blagojevich/Burris story. DiFi said and did the right thing, seeing as how she was running the Rules Committee till her recent switch to chair the Intelligence Committee. Obama isn’t part of the Legislative body, since he started over to the Executive branch and gave up his Senate Seat. So, The One can have one opinion, or the opposite, but he doesn’t get to decide. Reid stuck his neck out too early, and White is slipping and sliding. I don’t care. Another one who may have a legitimate gripe should have made a bigger stink earlier. Now, it just looks badly planned and icky.



Let him in and let’s get on with it.

Then, just now Illinois impeaches Blagojevich by a vote of 114 to one present vote. Doe everyone remember what that means?  Impeachment is an indictment, NOT conviction of wrongdoing. 

Even the timing on that looks suspicious, because of Currie’s comments:

 But he did not testify before the House impeachment committee and has not offered an explanation for the federal charges.

“His silence in this great matter is deafening,” said House Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie, a Chicago Democrat.

Well, duh! If he is under federal investigation, he’s not going to go spilling his guts in the Illinois Senate. Whether the charges are true or not, that would be foolish. Does anyone think ALL who are pointing fingers and yelling “J’accuse!” are blameless and not using this event to get something? Just darn tiring how Democrats are chewing on each other. You got to ask yourself what’s the purpose and which rats will win.

Still bored.

And much more interested in whether women will get some rights back today.


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It’s remarkably peculiar stuff for a Democrat, or even a pragmatist: Obama Delivers Remarks On Economy

CQ Transcripts Wire
Thursday, January 8, 2009; 11:36 AM

Nicely timed too. If you haven’t contacted your Congressional Representative on the Lilly Ledbetter Act, TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!


Barack Obama and Lily Ledbetter

Barack Obama and Lilly Ledbetter - Photo by NWLC


If he can get his picture taken with her, If he can give his opinon about Burris, He could have addressed something about how pay discrimination and job for women will be addressed in his economic plan. 51% of the population DESERVES FAIR PAY AND REDRESS!

 Click on the picture to direct you to The National Women’s Law Center for information on the bill and how to get involved.

Here is  a link to the Bill text, now H.R. 11. Once you are there, you can also find out the sponsors and other info, by clicking the blue link that says “Summary and Status”. 

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I’ve said before, I’m not a lawyer. I’m pretty clear about the cavernous maw of emptiness I have in this category. In reading the “Lawless” article below, I was reminded that as a constitutional lawyer, Obama is going to have some particular viewpoints about the state of affairs in the Justice Dept. What we have seen up to this week has been non-committal, maybe even conservatively strict. In the past, I’ve debated to myself as to whether given his path to now he will wind up entrenching patterns in the Department of Justice, or restore the balance BushCo tried so hard to break asunder. This article expressed pretty well some of the musing and questions I have. (more…)

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Another man: (more…)

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For that midnight political hamburger.


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