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The Secret of Obama’s Campaign Success, Soft Money

In Part One I showed you how to find Senator Obama’s contributions on the FEC website. Following the drill downs, you saw not only the tabulations of his total contributions, but also the number of individual contributions. You saw how the number of contributions below an aggregate sum of $200 is contained in the remainder of “Net Contributions”, after “Party Transfers” and “Individual Contributions”, (Aggregate donations from donors, meeting the $200 threshold.), are deducted.

Depending on how many people you assign to this remainder, the TOTAL number of contributors is still probably less than 300,000. This does not correspond with the July Campaign claims of 1.5 million contributors. If you missed it, or are still unsure, check back HERE. Otherwise, keep reading.


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Please note retitles, otherwise article is as published 8/18/08.

Regarding the FEC Status Reports for Presidential Candidates and PAC’s, Due August 20th, 2008.

How to Find Obama’s Contributions and Contributors

In her article, (Must read!) about the Clinton emails, which were published in the Atlantic Monthly, BlueLyon said something with which I wholeheartedly agree:

[“It was always best, we were told, to go to the original witness or document for source material.  Furthermore, leaving out key parts of a document, just to further an ideological point of view reduces a journalist’s credibility, so Don’t Do It.”]

If original source material is the gold standard of reference material, it follows that when it comes to reporting the monthly expenditures for Candidates we should go to the original source. What is that?


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