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One of the six non-voters in today’s bailout plan, Ted Kennedy has had a seizure, reportedly caused by medication, and was taken to the hospital today. However, he has since been released, according to Politico. 


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A Commission to Review Caucuses?

Obama has Iowa aflutter today. Discussions of the Voting Calendar were flying around. Iowa’s chant-We gotta be first, we gotta be first! If we keep screaming long enough maybe Iowa will actually hear a mosquito. GET RID OF THEM!!! (more…)

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Well, its now 2:00 PM PDT, and so far it looks like McCain is the only one of the big three, that got his monthly report in early enough for the FEC to tabulate this morning. The new sums for Clinton and Obama are reflected in the Campaign Finance Maps. Go HERE and click the relevant buttons to see the progress so far. Dennis Kucinich by the way, got his in. (more…)

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(The Politico) Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-Ohio) has died in a Cleveland hospital. 


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The Secret of Obama’s Campaign Success, Soft Money

In Part One I showed you how to find Senator Obama’s contributions on the FEC website. Following the drill downs, you saw not only the tabulations of his total contributions, but also the number of individual contributions. You saw how the number of contributions below an aggregate sum of $200 is contained in the remainder of “Net Contributions”, after “Party Transfers” and “Individual Contributions”, (Aggregate donations from donors, meeting the $200 threshold.), are deducted.

Depending on how many people you assign to this remainder, the TOTAL number of contributors is still probably less than 300,000. This does not correspond with the July Campaign claims of 1.5 million contributors. If you missed it, or are still unsure, check back HERE. Otherwise, keep reading.


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Where Do You Fit On The Political Scale Today? 

Some of us, who are older, have pretty clear views about what a Democrat, Republican, Liberal or Conservative might be. However, those of us who are younger, say the ones who became cognizant of politics in the Clinton era, or those who only know Bush, have can have decidedly different ideas of these political venues.

The Democratic Party is exhorting us to “Vote for Obama”. As in the past, many of us will affirm our constancy and vote the ticket. In spite our revulsion over what has happened to Senator Clinton, we will do it anyway, because we are Democrats. However, this year we are also being asked in a direct way to affirm another thing; the trancendency of muddled thinking. (more…)

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It appears that attempts in Colorado, to drive HRC delegates into the corral are still ongoing. No, it’s not the Lt. Col. Karen Wagner that was killed in the Pentagon attack on 9/11. This Karen Wagner recently left her job as Commissioner citing harassment. Odd pattern anomalies arise surfing the web.  It’s just the kind of thing that feeds mysticism and portent reading. See:

Clintonites should get with the program

Karen Wagner, Fort Collins

Monday, August 18, 2008



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Please note retitles, otherwise article is as published 8/18/08.

Regarding the FEC Status Reports for Presidential Candidates and PAC’s, Due August 20th, 2008.

How to Find Obama’s Contributions and Contributors

In her article, (Must read!) about the Clinton emails, which were published in the Atlantic Monthly, BlueLyon said something with which I wholeheartedly agree:

[“It was always best, we were told, to go to the original witness or document for source material.  Furthermore, leaving out key parts of a document, just to further an ideological point of view reduces a journalist’s credibility, so Don’t Do It.”]

If original source material is the gold standard of reference material, it follows that when it comes to reporting the monthly expenditures for Candidates we should go to the original source. What is that?


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Thoughts on the Announcement of Clinton’s Name in Nomination

Some of us are going to be satisfied with Senator Clinton’s name being placed on the nominating roll call. For them, simply allowing the honor of her name on the cover for history’s sake will be enough. Others aren’t. You can find both views expressed in the following article: (more…)

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Yay! Lots of foot shuffling in this article, but still, it’s a good step!

Clinton to get roll call at Democratic convention

By LIZ SIDOTI and DEVLIN BARRETT, Associated Press Writer


(08-14) 16:18 PDT WASHINGTON (AP) — Turns out Democratic primary loser Hillary Rodham Clinton will get time to shine at the party’s national convention after all _ and quite a bit of it. Democrats officially will…

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