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Here find the transcript for the Iowa Democratic debate: Democratic debate transcript

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I’m shaking my head, and trying not to waste perfectly good rage over this by howling and breaking things.

Michael Luo has been writing about Obama’s campaign donations, from the beginning. Mr Huo and I even had an email exchange over Obama’s reporting. I sent my concerns about donor counts in June, 2008.  So I wonder why we had to wait for the NYT to give us the truth after the election is over? If I can find this stuff over at the FEC, why can’t they? (more…)

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To reiterate, buzz words like small donors, and grassroots, really are meaningless in this election cycle. Even the Center for Responsive Politics conflates donor and donations in this article below. Individual contributions are counted by the FEC when a person has donated one or more times for an amount of money that reaches or exceeds $200.

Many people, myself included, sent donations via credit card on a monthly basis. As soon as the $200 threshold is reached, every donation thereafter, whether $10 or $1000, is counted as an individual contribution. Yet, those amounts still come from one donor. (more…)

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Something is afoot!

All you acountants, help out here! Verify for your self what you think this means!

Last night, after reading the anecdotal information in Matthew Weaver’s blog on No Quarter, I decided to write one of my own. I think only time will tell whether the unverified information of which Mathew writes, represents any wide spread nefariousness.

In any event, there I was checking out the FEC web site for monthly figures, when the 2:00 am sleepies finally took over. This morning I went back. Low and behold the candidates’ figures have been changed to reflect a period through Oct 15th! (more…)

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You may remember that Barack Obama had opted out of the public finance system in July-August. Pundits speculated at the time he would need around 55 million a month to complete the race. Then he made some nicey nice about asking donors to 527’s to contribute to his campaign instead. Hah! Lately MoveOn has spent it’s time OPPOSING McCain, rather than supporting Obama. The SEIU just reported on Sept 10th, they spent around $255,000, in Missouri and Kansas canvassing for Obama. They reported another $365,000 canvassing in Iowa. (Local 199.) (more…)

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Well, its now 2:00 PM PDT, and so far it looks like McCain is the only one of the big three, that got his monthly report in early enough for the FEC to tabulate this morning. The new sums for Clinton and Obama are reflected in the Campaign Finance Maps. Go HERE and click the relevant buttons to see the progress so far. Dennis Kucinich by the way, got his in. (more…)

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The Secret of Obama’s Campaign Success, Soft Money

In Part One I showed you how to find Senator Obama’s contributions on the FEC website. Following the drill downs, you saw not only the tabulations of his total contributions, but also the number of individual contributions. You saw how the number of contributions below an aggregate sum of $200 is contained in the remainder of “Net Contributions”, after “Party Transfers” and “Individual Contributions”, (Aggregate donations from donors, meeting the $200 threshold.), are deducted.

Depending on how many people you assign to this remainder, the TOTAL number of contributors is still probably less than 300,000. This does not correspond with the July Campaign claims of 1.5 million contributors. If you missed it, or are still unsure, check back HERE. Otherwise, keep reading.


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I just got another donor request pleading for donations to the DNC. This prompted me to think about the status of Obama/McCain donations. As you are probably aware, we don’t usually get to see the data until around the 20th of the following month. However, the Candidates campaigns must account for their funds accumulated on an end of month basis. The DNC is attempting to coordinate their push with the needs of all their candidates. Thus, the plea for contributions before midnight has arrived. I checked in with the League of Women Voters. See their thoughts on presidential campaign finance disclosure thus far:

League, Reform Groups Compare Senators McCain and Obama on Donor Disclosures

The League and reform organizations sent follow-up letters to Senators McCain and Obama seeking full disclosure of donor information on bundlers to their presidential campaigns. The groups also released a chart that compares how far each candidate has come in meeting the groups’ requests for transparency and disclosure.



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Right on time, the FEC has published John McCain’s campaign finances through 6/30/08.  If you want to see the number of individual contributions from donors who have met the $200 itemization threshold, click their page link on “Individual Contributions”. Neither Clinton, nor Obama’s reports have been published yet for the same period.

Page five of this report gives the schedule and even points out the weekend date of the 20th is still the due date. McCain and Obama recently promised openness and transparency in campaign financing. Democrats – where is that darn ball?


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Published: April 16, 2008 12:14 pm     

Column: If you have the stomach, follow the money

By Rod Rose


According to http://www.capitaleye.org, Obama and Clinton have made nearly $1 million in campaign contributions to “superdelegates” — the unelected delegates who represent about 20 percent of the 4,000 delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

As of Feb. 25, Capital Eye reported, Clinton has been endorsed by 75 percent of the superdelegates to whom her campaign donated money, when Obama did not make a donation. Obama was endorsed by 85 percent of the superdelegates who received money from his campaign and not from Clinton’s.

Is this legal? Yes.


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