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Against the background of the Chinese refusal to allow monitoring of green house emissions and insistence that the 1992 treaty be honored in which they are to receive assistance toward the reduction of such emissions, the US Agenda was that of “pragmatism”.  Meanwhile smaller nations, notably from Africa, walked out briefly in protest on Monday over proposed assistance and perceived sidelining of the Kyoto Protocol.

Through the week concerns continued that progress of the overall climate negotiations regarding technical, financial and emotional issues, for an interim agreement, was too slow and would leave too much unsettled when world leaders sit down to negociate a binding global accord next year.

SOS Hillary Clinton was scheduled to attend today’s conference and leaders events in advance of the President’s arrival on the 18th.

Then today, Japan Times reported the following:

Thursday, Dec. 17, 2009

Gridlock threatens to doom COP15


Staff writers

[COPENHAGEN — U.N. negotiators at the COP15 conference worked through the night Tuesday, increasingly desperate to reach agreement before more than 120 world leaders gather Thursday night and Friday and following an official warning that the stalemated negotiations could doom the conference….

…One of the main sticking points on financing is which developing countries should receive financial assistance. U.S. officials have stressed they would refuse to provide China with funds. On Tuesday, China said the world’s poorest and most vulnerable should be prioritized, a sign Beijing may agree to U.S. demands that funding target small island states in the Pacific or African nations threatened by global warming, rather than large, industrialized developing countries such as itself…]


Neither China nor the US has yet signed the Kyoto Protocol as regarding green house gas emission.  This is a continuing major issue for many signatory countries. Most would prefer to keep the Kyoto Protocol, however, there is negotiation ongoing to develop a second legally binding protocol that the US might sign.

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Nestles, Yili and the Chinese government’s progress on the melamine scandal. Another child kets kidney stones. Tons of animal feed are destroyed. (more…)

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-Despite a recent blog, Acer Laptops  were recalled in 2007. I see nothing on their site for this year. Here is their most recent link. Nor for Apple.-

Dell, Compaq Presario, HP Compaq, Toshiba, Hewlett Packard

I suppose this doesn’t seem like politics, but where do you think all those batteries are manufactured? What have we been talking about with melamine, lack of inspection capability, self policing and the global economy? Anyway, If you are reading this you probably have a computer, so check yours out against the report below:

Laptop Fires Prompt Sony Battery Recall — Again

By Brian X. Chen October 30, 2008 | 8:10:41 


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This year, so far, melamine has been found in Chinese originated: milk, infant formula, candies, yoghurts, and other dairy products, cream sauces, baked goods where dairy products are incorporated, some baking powers, and sex products. (And I think the question should be asked of breaded items, like fishsticks, where dairy may be incorporated.) Last year it was found in: flours, rice, pet foods, fish, fowl, and hog foods. Is there any doubt that the use of melamine is widespread in china?

Is there any question, that a global economy requires global inspection? Despite the daily struggles of those souls trying to stem the tide, is there any doubt we don’t have that? 

Global (horrors!)


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There you have it for today:

I tried to get on line to the House site and the server is busy. It’s been that way all morning with various the Representative’s web sites, like Waxman, for example. When it cools down a little I’ll pull out the vote count, so we can all see who voted yea or nay. (more…)

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