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Remember Rwanda?

That small African country from whence recent one of our last genocide movies sprung? The object of Clintonian apologies, and current service? At a population of now, around 70% women, and a country with many struggles still ahead, Rwanda has achieved this:


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The world may be going to hell in an economic handbasket, but this stuff just keeps coming.

The NWLC has some late news on the legal front for women; (more…)

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I just had to cross post this reminiscence on feminism from Dr. Socks: 


How did we go from Tomato Nation’s “Yes, You Are” to this?

Five years ago, Tomato Nation published a post that rapidly became legend. It was emailed, re-posted, printed out, probably even framed somewhere. Maybe you remember it. It was called “Yes, You Are.”

Here it is:


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“Just the place for a Snark” the Bellman Cried,

as he landed his crew with care;

Supporting each man on top of the tide

By a finger entwined in his hair.


The Hunting of the Snark- Lewis Carroll

Recently on BlogTalk Radio My-Two-Cents, the subject of Jerome Corsi came up again. So here is my view: Jerome Corsi is a right winged rabid bat bigoted sexist hatemonger that should be netted and succumb to his disease before he infects anyone else. 

The longer you let a rabid bat feed, the more he infects. THEREFORE, DO NOT BUY HIS BOOK! DO NOT SUPPORT THE INFECTION OF FUTURE GENERATIONS! I’m not saying don’t read it. It’s always good to know the enemy. Just go to the library, or borrow it from one of those who succumbed and didn’t know his history. I know that I am probably giving the Free Republic a jolly just because they think this kind of thing is good advertisement. Here goes anyway. (more…)

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Immigration policy is a feminist issue. Read the article below as an example of why:


Female farmworkers are the most vulnerable

ESSAY – September 12, 2008

By Rebecca Clarren



A western contrarian’s viewpoint about why Palin won’t do:

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I was settling down a little, then I found annebellep’s article. Read the first three articles. Then read hers. Can’t forget the the whack attacks about pigs and fish? Palin IS NOT the latest bimbo.  However, someone IS hoping you will go there. Palin appeals to us western types in a grown up, real person way. She also has the skills to do the job and that is scaring the bejeezus out of all the minions of the Boys Only Club.

Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Colorado, Missouri, Michigan, Wyoming, parts of California, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, maybe even Kansas, and Iowa.

Take a look at some of the serious ruminations going on below, and think about the states I just listed:


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Why is “Affirmative Action” one of the touchstones of this election? This counter discriminatory tool is but one of many federal programs enacted in the middle of the last century. Wikipedia offers the following definition of the program:

[The term affirmative action describes policies aimed at a historically socio-politically non-dominant group (typically, minority men or women of all racial groups) intended to promote its access to education or employment. Motivation for affirmative action is a desire to redress effects of actual or perceived, past or current discrimination that is regarded as unfair. [Who?] It also serves to encourage public institutions such as universities, hospitals and police forces to be more representative of the population].

Perhaps it seems out of date to talk about affirmative action. Further, to discuss affirmative active in the context of it’s gender benefit to Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, ageism benefit to John McCain, or it’s race benefit to Barack Obama seems at odds with what we know of their upbringing. (more…)

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Labor Day

Some of us are barbequing; others are having a little less fun:

The National Oceanic of Atmospheric Administration, (NOAA) runs the National Weather Service and they are keeping track of Gustaf, Hanna and ol’ Number Nine: HERE.

Riverdaughter has the Red Cross number to call:


Animal rescue has authority to enter New Orleans with the other workers. This time animals are being evacuated with their people. Donate or volunteer if you can and adopt or foster an animal. Even if it’s not a hurricane survivor, your act makes room in the agencies for those that will come. Go to ARNO, and the SPCA. (more…)

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Of Vocabulary and the Fourth

Filed under: Diversity, Politics, Sense of place — Ed Quillen at 11:34 am on Saturday, July 5, 2008

[Thus it seems odd that we often read of patriots and patriotism, but seldom see mat riots and matriotism — they ought to be pretty much the same thing. On the other hand, if we’re trying to avoid sexism, matriot is no improvement on patriot.] 

UPDATED LINK: http://www.hcn.org/blogs/goat/of-vocabulary-and-the-fourth?


When I see these ruminations, plucked from the GOAT’S hinterlands, I am immediately plunged back into some of the philosophical swing stage discussions in which I, and my coworkers engaged. Life isn’t always fair; versus, if it’s not right, fix it.

What then, to make of the fact that the 160th anniversary of the Seneca Falls convention passed with relatively little fanfare? (If you need a refresher check this, and this out.)

In a web search yesterday of “seneca falls” 160 anniversary, I found just 4,130 results. This is a sad commentary when, “hillary sleaze” will get you 3,650, and “hillary liar”, will get you another 3,690 hits.

10 years ago Hillary Clinton, as First Lady, gave a speech commemorating the 150th anniversary. So you see, the gravitas of Senator Clinton is now synonymous with the date. 

Remarks by the First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton

150th Anniversary of the First Women’s Rights Convention 

Seneca Falls, New York

July 16, 1998


It makes perfect sense that Senator Obama chose this week to fly away on his much anticipated but delayed international trip. How lovely it would have been to overwrite history at the Brandenburg Gate. Alas, the Germans wouldn’t allow it.

Frederick Douglass would not be amused. He would have an idea on how to fix it.


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