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Born this day, December 11th:

“Oh Be a Fine Girl and Kiss Me”

Annie Jump Cannon (more…)

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Louisa May Alcott

(1832 – 1888)

Alcott published her first story on this date.

[A prolific author of books for American girls, Louisa May Alcott is best remembered for Little Women…

…In 1879, Alcott was the first woman to register in Concord when Massachusetts gave women school, tax and bond suffrage. Eventually she persuaded her publisher to publish Harriett Hanson Robinson’s Massachusetts in the Woman Suffrage Movement in 1881. In her final novel, Jo’s Boys (1886), Alcott made arguments for women’s rights and other reforms. She said, “I can remember when anti-slavery was in just the same state that suffrage is now, and take more pride in the very small help we Alcotts could give than in all the books I ever wrote…” ]


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