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Well, it was a good try, but mentally unfit? Is it possible there are no standard of proof for impeachment in IL?

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Illinois Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Motion to Declare Blagojevich Unfit to Serve [2:51 p.m. ET]

[Also today, Genson(Blagojevich’s attorney) said it would be illegal for the committee to use recordings from government wiretaps and he questioned the rules that the panel would implement as they assess the governor’s possible impeachment. The attorney said he had looked through the laws and the state constitution and found “nothing” about the basis for impeachment.

“I find nothing, nothing in any of those places that talks about what is the basis and what the basis for impeachment can be,” Genson said. “I find nothing in any of those places regarding the standard of proof.”

Replied Currie, “Impeachment is appropriate if there is cause for impeachment.”]


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