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The Debate Room over at BusinessWeek has posted this debate topic:
Low-Income Women: Get Married


Someone over at NewsWeek finally did publish my comment, so I am removing it here. However, it’s still worth a look to SEE what was posted in their “Debate Room” this week, suggesting that low-income women should get married as a way out of poverty.

What do you think?

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The Black Agenda Report has produced a wonderful synopsis of  events regarding the doling out of  digital TV channels to big media, thereby leaving out everyone else.  Is there any hope the next election season will be better?  What are we going to do about this? 

Big Media Steals 5,100 Digital TV Channels

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

“Acting as agents of the broadcasting industry, Congress awarded the already filthy rich a digital TV bonanza valued at $80 billion.”



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