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The Debate Room over at BusinessWeek has posted this debate topic:
Low-Income Women: Get Married


Someone over at NewsWeek finally did publish my comment, so I am removing it here. However, it’s still worth a look to SEE what was posted in their “Debate Room” this week, suggesting that low-income women should get married as a way out of poverty.

What do you think?

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Born this day:

Amber Hagerman

Born November 25, 1986(1986-11-25)

Died January 17, 1996 (aged 9)

Arlington, Texas

Amber Hagerman (November 25, 1986–January 15, 1996) was a young girl who became a victim of an abduction and murder. On January 13, 1996, she was riding her bike near her grandparents’ home in Arlington, Texas, and was kidnapped soon thereafter.[1] Her murder would later inspire the creation of the AMBER Alert system.


I Own My Vote, PUMA, The Denver Group, Just Say No Deal

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It’s getting late! Trick or Treat for UNICEF; Get your box now!

Got Box?


Want to help kids in other parts of the world get the things they need to survive and grow?

You’ve got the power to do it!

This October, make Halloween count by Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF. You can help us get water, education and medicine to the children who need it most.

Getting involved is easy and fun!

First, you’ll need a box. Order boxes online, or create your own using this canister wrapper.

Then go door-to-door on Halloween—or create your own fundraiser—and ask everyone to help you raise money for kids around the world.

Once you’ve collected the money, send it to UNICEF to help save kids lives.

And be sure to celebrate your success once you’re done!


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More Melamine found in the USA:


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As a person who has been in construction more than a few years, I will tell you this: When I do a job as an inspector, there are specific tasks that must be performed. (more…)

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The latest AP news on the Chinese milk scandal. The figure for sickened children has more than doubled at nearly 12,900. Be sure and read the whole AP story, linked below: (more…)

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