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When the War on Terror(ism) was begun, it crossed boundaries of countries, cultures, ethnicities, and race. It centered on a religiously extremist political grouping of people. Because of this wide net, Muslims of all religious varities have been subject to unusual scrutiny within the US and probably elsewhere.

However, we have in particular, chosen use racial proofing as an end to our means. (more…)

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A few years ago I took a trip, with my husband, granddaughter and dogs, to visit one of my daughters. At that time she was living in Leander, Texas. We rented an RV, picked up my granddaughter in Southern California, and proceeded along interstate 10 to El Paso, where we turned northward. As is my wont on trips, I found a lesser-used road, and drove smack dab into the middle of the Texas sage.  Bumping along at 55 mph, on a two-lane road, and 70 miles from El Paso, we were stopped by the Border Patrol. (more…)

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