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Last week I found this older item in the BBC news. I had thought to do a little post around it. I would ask, what is religion, and how is it defined? Is it defined as Abrahamic, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Iranian, Kurdish, Western, Folk or Far Eastern? Or do we take the religious edifice we have constructed, break it into shards, pick up one to admire and kick at the rest?


After asking those questions, (more…)

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“No enterprise is more likely to succeed than one concealed from the enemy until it is ripe for execution.”


 2004 was a tragic year, for it was the year that the DNC Civil War started. Having been in the wilderness for years, the bridgehead was not reached, and ashen despair marked the brow of the Liberals. It was the year that the Liberals followed the Muse over to the dark side. Rather than fight Machiavelli, they added him to their email list. Rather than fight the Republicans, they decided to dump the whole shebang and throw everyone under the bus. In a effort to prevent the final death, they let the Great Bat in at night. (more…)

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