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In his second appearance since his own scandal, John Edwards made no effort to get back in the good graces of feminists. What can he be thinking when he allows himself to be pitted against Karl Rove, over Sarah Palin, in a post election discussion for a bunch of ledger keepers in San Francisco? (more…)

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As you are aware, the RNC has changed it’s schedule to accommodate events surrounding Hurricane Gustav. Click on the link below to see their current program schedule. Click on the icons in the schedule to expand for more information, if any in each line item.

http://portal.gopconvention2008.com/ (more…)

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Remember all the “fun”, we had this year, wondering, wondering? Just in case you forgot, the City Edition has a great synopsis on many things labeled Obama: (more…)

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“No enterprise is more likely to succeed than one concealed from the enemy until it is ripe for execution.”


 2004 was a tragic year, for it was the year that the DNC Civil War started. Having been in the wilderness for years, the bridgehead was not reached, and ashen despair marked the brow of the Liberals. It was the year that the Liberals followed the Muse over to the dark side. Rather than fight Machiavelli, they added him to their email list. Rather than fight the Republicans, they decided to dump the whole shebang and throw everyone under the bus. In a effort to prevent the final death, they let the Great Bat in at night. (more…)

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