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Today a young friend came knocking on my door to tell me someone was stealing gas from my truck.  He had seen them while he was mowing a neighbors yard. I ran out in time to see the culprits take off in their car. I called the police – you know, they didn’t pull it off and would still be looking. Of course, in my neighborhood, for my friend to have my back, comes at a price. He’ll have to watch his own back for a while.

 Now, we don’t live in a bad neighborhood, but people are struggling.  It’s a suburb, where all the youngsters know each other, and memory is long and deep. Doing the right thing isn’t always the safest thing. It’s a sure bet that gas siphoning is on the rise. So, a mark on the police log won’t hurt.

Siphonous Interruptus

Siphonous Interruptus

Anyway, later in the evening I went over to spread word of the nefarious deed to another neighbor. That neighbor, in turn, had been watching over one of our resident 95 year old’s, who just went into assisted living, probably to stay.  Her son is down from Alaska, and it turns out he’s having to take his wife into a new round of Chemotherapy, so he is pretty busy.

 So as I said, I went over to talk to the neighbor (more…)

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