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The Following DNC schedule has been announced.  Commencement of spectacle at 3:00 PM Mountain Time.

Thursday, August 28 2008: Change You Can Believe In

Time Shown as local – Denver, Colorado MST (more…)

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The following is the DNC schedule In progress now,  3:00 PM Mountain Time.

Wednesday, August 27 2008: Securing America’s Future

Hour # 1   3:00 PM – 5:00 PM (LOCAL)


Call to Order

The Honorable Leticia Van de Putte

State Senator from Texas

Co-Chair, Democratic National Convention


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Tuesday night my Hubby and I were getting ready for his hernia surgery, so I didn’t get to do much more than watch the Convention on PBS. I do want to mention a couple of things, however. I don’t recall ever having a well-spoken sister give voice as character witness to a presumptive nominee before. David Brooke said again that Obama needs to tell the voters who he is. DAVID, WE KNOW WHO HE IS!!! What a truly odd thing that we voters must again be subject to the homilies of family, when what we want is to know once and for all whether “Hope and Change” has any sort of resonance beyond the fairy tale Camelot Re-enactment. It isn’t so odd that the Obamacons object to the critics. (more…)

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The DNC schedule is already in progress, at Mountain Time is below:

Tuesday, August 26 2008: Renewing America’s Promise

Hour #1  3:00 PM – 4:00 PM (LOCAL)


Call to Order

The Honorable Shirley Franklin

Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia


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Capitol Annex has an agenda for the Monday Opening DNC Schedule, already in progress, at 3:00 PM-7:00 PM MT

 Program Schedule

Monday, August 25 – One Nation


Barack Obama’s story is an American story that reflects a life of struggle, opportunity and responsibility like those faced by Americans everyday. The opening night of the Convention will highlight Barack’s life story, his commitment to change, and the voices of Americans who are calling for a new direction for this country. (more…)

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As you have all heard by now, the Credentials Committee met Sunday. Did you catch it on CSPAN?  As was requested both Michigan and Florida regained full delegate status and will have the opportunity to cast their votes in the upcoming roll call nominating votes. Carl Levin of Michigan and others, including all along Hillary Clinton, have been pushing for just this event. (more…)

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As Darraugh Murphy said, We ARE the ones no one was expecting! 

Riverdaughter articulated the idea well with her inaugural article in June:


If accomplishments and events are markers for our life, it seems like this weekend is a good time to put a few together in one list.

Puma PAC and coalition members have assembled in Denver. Activities and links to other groups can be found on the I Own My Vote, Just Say No Deal, Puma Pac, and The Denver Group websites. Offices are set up, and media in the ready, on site bloggers are active NOW. The organization of these groups, assembled since June, is testament to real grassroots, and not the Obama AstroTurf to which we have been subjected the last several months. (more…)

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Help to Get Rid of Caucuses!!

Change the Caucus Org. just put out this notice. Help to end the caucuses!  Boyd L Richie probably wants to hear the word reform rather than dissolution. That he set this up for after the DNC convention is an indication of where he is trying to direct this. Tell him what you think, and try to attend these meetings: (more…)

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A Commission to Review Caucuses?

Obama has Iowa aflutter today. Discussions of the Voting Calendar were flying around. Iowa’s chant-We gotta be first, we gotta be first! If we keep screaming long enough maybe Iowa will actually hear a mosquito. GET RID OF THEM!!! (more…)

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Well, its now 2:00 PM PDT, and so far it looks like McCain is the only one of the big three, that got his monthly report in early enough for the FEC to tabulate this morning. The new sums for Clinton and Obama are reflected in the Campaign Finance Maps. Go HERE and click the relevant buttons to see the progress so far. Dennis Kucinich by the way, got his in. (more…)

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