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Right on time, the FEC has published John McCain’s campaign finances through 6/30/08.  If you want to see the number of individual contributions from donors who have met the $200 itemization threshold, click their page link on “Individual Contributions”. Neither Clinton, nor Obama’s reports have been published yet for the same period.

Page five of this report gives the schedule and even points out the weekend date of the 20th is still the due date. McCain and Obama recently promised openness and transparency in campaign financing. Democrats – where is that darn ball?


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Of Vocabulary and the Fourth

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[Thus it seems odd that we often read of patriots and patriotism, but seldom see mat riots and matriotism — they ought to be pretty much the same thing. On the other hand, if we’re trying to avoid sexism, matriot is no improvement on patriot.] 

UPDATED LINK: http://www.hcn.org/blogs/goat/of-vocabulary-and-the-fourth?


When I see these ruminations, plucked from the GOAT’S hinterlands, I am immediately plunged back into some of the philosophical swing stage discussions in which I, and my coworkers engaged. Life isn’t always fair; versus, if it’s not right, fix it.

What then, to make of the fact that the 160th anniversary of the Seneca Falls convention passed with relatively little fanfare? (If you need a refresher check this, and this out.)

In a web search yesterday of “seneca falls” 160 anniversary, I found just 4,130 results. This is a sad commentary when, “hillary sleaze” will get you 3,650, and “hillary liar”, will get you another 3,690 hits.

10 years ago Hillary Clinton, as First Lady, gave a speech commemorating the 150th anniversary. So you see, the gravitas of Senator Clinton is now synonymous with the date. 

Remarks by the First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton

150th Anniversary of the First Women’s Rights Convention 

Seneca Falls, New York

July 16, 1998


It makes perfect sense that Senator Obama chose this week to fly away on his much anticipated but delayed international trip. How lovely it would have been to overwrite history at the Brandenburg Gate. Alas, the Germans wouldn’t allow it.

Frederick Douglass would not be amused. He would have an idea on how to fix it.


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