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The Black Agenda Report has produced a wonderful synopsis of  events regarding the doling out of  digital TV channels to big media, thereby leaving out everyone else.  Is there any hope the next election season will be better?  What are we going to do about this? 

Big Media Steals 5,100 Digital TV Channels

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

“Acting as agents of the broadcasting industry, Congress awarded the already filthy rich a digital TV bonanza valued at $80 billion.”



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The Denver Group  has a new ad published in the printed CQ Daily. Check it out here! Plus, there was another PUMA sighting today:

Hillary protesters greet Dean in Charlotte


And, an interesting article appeared in the SFGate:

Democratic Party maybe presumes too much – about women

Robin Lakoff


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I guess I’m popular, since I just got notice of a scrambled spam, generated by using this text, off my site. Thus the change in title. Sorry for the inconvenience.


O.K.- So city employees, have their own gas pumps. I get that, Chicago has a similar set up and when I was there, around 2000, let cabbies use it tax free. Course, that was about time the city raised the prices, so the cabbies got stuck.  Hmmm… wasn’t that about the time Obama was involved in his great learning experience about “Gas Tax Holidays”?

But wait, these aren’t City employees per see, they are the DNCC! Well, I guess the Mile High City had to have some enticements to the get the Convention there.

But wait, isn’t this the candidate who said gas tax holidays don’t work?  Way to match the message to the action people!! I know! This must be Hillary’s fault!! Check this out!

[DNCC vehicles have gotten to pull up to city pumps for the past few months, with a price as low as $2.62 per gallon, while a contract for the gasoline usage seems to have been an afterthought. Records reviewed by Rocky reporters show 61 DNCC vehicles (out of a fleet of 450, stressed the party) gassing up at city facilities, racking up a bill of $11,141.53 as of a week ago.]


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