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It’s a perfect example of the kind of crap the public has to put up with- the fate of S.160.

Here was a simple clean bill that would have finally allowed Washington DC, after close to 200 years, to have representation and the right to vote. All it took was a simple exchange, allowing one additional House Representative for Utah.

But no, Representative Travis W. Childers of Mississippi, has to drag DC gun control into the thing. In some sort of tit for tat, Iowa’s Harkins even got the FCC involved. The League of Women Voters and others wrote endless letters, begging that no amendments be added to the bill. That effort was to no avail.

Now Steny Hoyer is trying to strike some sort of deal where the gun control amendment is separated into it’s own bill.

This is what it comes to. The DC folks and their supporters are apparently supposed to barter for suffrage by giving up their own laws regarding gun control. Well, I think it stinks!!!

Shame on you, Travis W. Childers!

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