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In recognition of Women’s History Month, which is this month, in case you didn’t know, The National Women’s Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, NY has named it’s 2009 inductees for the Hall. 

I went to Wikipedia and linked, where I could, their names to any information about these women. I must tell you however, as has been noted before for other women, who are not actresses or singers, there is a paucity of information. Clearly someone needs to dedicate time to Wiki in this area.

To be inducted in to the Hall is a great honor in recognition of an extraordinary life. This year’s inductees are:

Louise Bourgeois

Dr. Mildred Cohn

Karen DeCrow

Susan Kelly-Dreiss

Dr. Allie B. Latimer

Emma Lazarus

Dr. Ruth Patrick

Rebecca Talbot Perkins

Dr. Susan Solomon

Katherine Stoneman

On October10-11, these women will be officially inducted, along with three historical figures, during the Seneca Falls celebration that marks first women’s rights convention in 1848 and the 72 year struggle for women’s suffrage.

Perhaps between now and October, some of us can memorialize the celebration and acknowledgment these women deserve.


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