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Decision on Snowden asylum could take weeks, says Ecuador | Hong Kong Herald.

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Hong Kong – Singapore

 China faces new melamine scandal


Published: December 30, 2008

[BEIJING: More than 1,500 boxes of Chinese biscuits exported to Hong Kong and Singapore have tested positive for melamine as suspects in the protracted tainted-food scandal go on trial in China, local media reported on Tuesday….]



China begins trials for 9 in tainted milk scandal

By David Barboza

Published: December 30, 2008

[SHANGHAI: A group of nine people accused of intentionally tainting China’s dairy supplies this year went on trial Monday in Hebei Province, charged with endangering public security in the country’s worst food safety case in decades….]


I Own My Vote, PUMA, The Denver Group, The New Agenda

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The effort for human rights is universal. The desire for human dignity is universal. 

A Gay-Pride Revolution in Hong Kong


Sunday, Dec. 14, 2008

Gay-rights activists form a human chain around a rainbow flag in Hong Kong

Ted Aljibe / AFP / Getty

[There were no drag queens in sexy ensembles with heavy makeup strutting down the streets in platform heels or buff shirtless sailor boys splayed like starfish on moving floats. But Hong Kong’s first official gay-pride parade Saturday was still a colorful gathering; in fact, for a country that rarely acknowledges homosexuality, let alone celebrates it, it was downright revolutionary….]


As the article suggests, homosexuality was not criminalized in Hong Kong until 1901, under the British colonial rule. The country was ceded to The United Kingdom in 1842, under the Treaty of Nanking. Yet they had managed to get along 49 years in Hong Kong, “buggary” and all.

The United Kingdom itself had a time worn tradition of sexual bias laws, extending clear back to 1533 when it passed the Buggary Act. However, 1901 was part of a period of ferment around the world; homosexuality was discussed by Freud, and Ellis, Murray Hall died, raids were conducted and people as well known as Oscar Wilde, had been convicted of gross indecency with men.


I Own My Vote, PUMA, The Denver Group, The New Agenda

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China is still exporting some eggs that contain melamine. Eggs are not a product that sits on the back of the shelf for months. Therefore, it appears something is still uncorrected in the supply chain. (more…)

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More news on melamine: (more…)

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Hong Kong has now reported six children ill: (more…)

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Palaboy sent a comment picked up from ABS/CBN news, that I wanted to crosspost. Thank you Palaboy! I want to be sure everyone reads it! if You know someone who shops asian, let them know:

52 Milk Products that could be banned due to high Melamine Content (more…)

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The latest AP news on the Chinese milk scandal. The figure for sickened children has more than doubled at nearly 12,900. Be sure and read the whole AP story, linked below: (more…)

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