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On November 25th, the United Nation’s “16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence” campaign began. It will culminate on December 10th with Human Rights Day.

As has happened again this year, I just couldn’t quite get it together to set down and concentrate on a thoughtful blog, or series. Maybe it’s the depression I am avoiding. It’s not the Holidays that cause this depression. It’s the work that it takes to dig up and newly elucidate old hard, unacknowledged truths again, because for me it’s one of the most important times there is, and I always feel unequal to the task.

Women are still not equal partners in the world and its affairs. The Equal Rights Amendment has not yet passed. Women are not included as a whole in civil rights laws.

Earlier this year in September, and just this week a Planned Parenthood facility was attacked, the first by fire and the most recent, by another gun wielding misogynist. The media has zinged back and over whether the most recent attack is an act of terror or a deranged soul.

I don’t think these acts fully represent either position. They are hate crimes. (more…)

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Now here I thought we might skate this year. What do you know, another piece of garbage arrived in my email this morning. This one looks to be bouncing from an email service in Germany with a possible origination or highjack from the naseej.com portal in Saudi Arabia. (See HERE for info on them.) If one comes there must be more pollution flakes on the way. FBI, where are you? (more…)

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Last year around this time I was sending out a post on holiday email viruses. While I haven’t seen any outstanding holiday items yet, I did have one possible scam in relation to a just completed online bank transaction. Their email displayed the bank’s logo and looked pretty official. (more…)

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When they arrested the San Francisco Pipe Bomber living next door to me in the mid eighties, there wasn’t peep in local neighborhood newspaper the next day. I recall the Chronicle said a few things, but not the location of his arrest, the blocking of our street, or the hauling out of his garage next to mine all those bomb parts.

So I get a kind of rueful giggle when SacBee sends me an email like THIS.


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