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As one of your average armchair observers, I depend on what media has to tell me about current events. I read my local newspaper, “The Daily Journal”, though sometimes out of date. I receive email alerts on world news, from the SacBee, NYT, WAPO, KCRA, Tribune (Chicago), and ABC. I used to read a few others now defunct. I have not subscribed to SfGate, CNN or FOX, because I got tired of their bullshit. I used to read the others when they were free; I have not paid for monthly subscriptions to the above publications. I used to get AP and Reuters, IATimes, Japan Herald and Hong Kong News, VOA, and KUAM, but the emails stopped. I do spend a fair amount of time surfing various sources from different perspectives.

So, I did a review of my emails, and my local paper. Not one of the alerts mentioned Lebanon or Beirut until the events in Paris.

Yesterday I did an Google and Yahoo search for “Beirut”. Only CNN popped up with an article on the Beirut attack with the appropriate date. Today I did an similar search for “Beirut, 2015/11/12. Low and behold! There were pages of date appropriate articles from all kinds of media sources, including the ones for which I receive alerts.

This leads me to a few conclusions:

Clearly I am not engaging with news media in such a way as to receive a broad view of world events.

The journalistic sources that deign to send me email alerts are deciding what I should read, and it isn’t enough.

Google and Yahoo are not neutral news sources because they are search engines and they rank news on number of hits, not news.

When a person spends the time, as I did yesterday, reading 10 pages of search hits in the vain hope of finding date appropriate information on the Beirut explosion, the resulting frustration over my personal  obliviousness, seemed in the long run, to actually be a symptom for something else.

For all our current internet technology, we average armchair observers are still pretty much in the dark. Why?

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When they arrested the San Francisco Pipe Bomber living next door to me in the mid eighties, there wasn’t peep in local neighborhood newspaper the next day. I recall the Chronicle said a few things, but not the location of his arrest, the blocking of our street, or the hauling out of his garage next to mine all those bomb parts.

So I get a kind of rueful giggle when SacBee sends me an email like THIS.


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b16_days_topEach year the Center for Women’s Global Leadership at Rutgers highlights sixteen women, men and organizations that standout in the fight against gender violence. Representing December 6th, is: (more…)

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Did you read Sugar’s blog yet? Read it HERE.

I want to reiterate that the Obama campaign has staged these endorsement events from the beginning, with a precision that modern engineering can only envy. (more…)

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Catch up on these blogs today:


Read all of Heidi’s blogs, but start with today’s on the latest DNC money grovel:

Her clear and concise arguments articulate the importance of  paying down Clinton’s debt, and supporting The Denver Group, PUMA PAC, and Just Say No Deal:



Riverdaughter’s comments  about Obama’s band and bratwurst laden event at the Tiergarden:



Ooh, Nuance’s comment on narcissism (Obama’s):

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Narcissist, Part Deux 



Gary’s comment’s on the media’s positonings:

When the Tingle becomes a Chill…

Posted on July 28, 2008 by garychapelhill



Remember this?

Barack Obama and Me

It was the year 2000 and I was a young hungry reporter in Chicago covering a young hungry state legislator

By Todd Spivak

published: February 28, 2008



Recent reports of PUMA sightings:


Obama campaign strives to unify Texas Democrats

Many Clinton supporters waiting to see how party treats her, who will be V.P. pick.

By W. Gardner Selby


Saturday, July 26, 2008



And last but not least, bostonboomer’s great synopsis of the 1968(Correction: Not 1972, What was I thinking?)DNC Convention:

Forty Years Ago in August

Posted on July 21, 2008 by bostonboomer



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PUMA, and Our Failure to Communicate. Continued…

As I spent the requisite time in the woodshed pondering my plight, it struck me that my ineptitude at PUMA swarming is a metaphor for a personal concern I’ve had since the beginning of February in this election season.

There is a disconnect in sending and receiving of political information. (more…)

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