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Sac Bee has just reported the possible demise of the Sacramento Monarchs, WNBA pioneers. Apparently this is another example of when the tough get going, the women get gone. Maloof Sports has decided to concentrate it’s energies on the Kings, the men’s basketball team.

I understand there are economics involved and attendance and all that. However, I think this reiterates how choices tend to be made when profit is the first motive, especially in hard times. The Monarchs deserve a new owner, if one can be found, that sees women’s basketball as the first priority.

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When they arrested the San Francisco Pipe Bomber living next door to me in the mid eighties, there wasn’t peep in local neighborhood newspaper the next day. I recall the Chronicle said a few things, but not the location of his arrest, the blocking of our street, or the hauling out of his garage next to mine all those bomb parts.

So I get a kind of rueful giggle when SacBee sends me an email like THIS.


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