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One PUMA’s thoughts about 2009

I do not have time to dally about whether the word “Feminist” is still correct. Suffice to say that I believe it is. That Governor Palin could call herself one, and Michelle Obama had trouble, shows the issue is not one of a leftist usurpation. Feminists right, left or in the middle, cannot cut off other feminists who support parallel position’s. Though I do not agree with Republican views of abortion, or their view of fiscal management or even their idea of care for the disadvantaged, I do find common ground on misogyny, and caucus fraud, election reform, and media bias.

Likewise, though I was outraged at NARAL’s actions, eventually upset with NOW, and disappointed by Steinem’s references to Palin, they are still democratic sisters. They made their best electoral choice. Most of their views are mine.

The problem, as I see it, is not our agreement; it’s how we got here, to this place, as PUMAs.  To move forward, we must focus; “keep our eyes on the prize”. Then, it’s the methods in how we move forward. (more…)

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Settle onto that blanket for the evening’s display. Each one is a beauty! If you, like Michelle Cottle, thought feminists were silent on the subject of “Sarah Barracuda”, you just weren’t reading the right ones!

Move On’s (And Others) Rumor Mongering – Updated

By Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy on September 9, 2008 at 7:50 AM 

[A few days ago, I printed an email that Move On sent out with a number of “dangerous” positions that Gov. Palin allegedly holds or actions in which she engaged. A number of them were flat out wrong. It is exactly this kind of “Swiftboating” we all decried when it happened to Kerry. (more…)

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