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Is this good news or what? Can you believe that guy? Can you believe North Korea? and Kim Jong-il?

Clinton, U.S. journalists leave North Korea

Tue Aug 4, 2009 11:35pm EDT

By Jonathan Thatcher

[SEOUL (Reuters) – Former U.S. President Bill Clinton left North Korea on Wednesday with two American journalists whose release he secured in a meeting with the hermit state’s leader, possibly opening the way to direct nuclear disarmament talks….]


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No texting! Just last year, the new California law went into effect prohibiting us from talking on our cell phones and driving concomitantly. We drove over the border, from Reno in July, on the day the last law went into effect, CHP’s were everywhere and had lines of people pulled over. However, had CA forgotten to include all those obsessive texters in that law.The state has now corrected that oversight. So, be prepared as you are driving across state lines for New Years. 


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This year, so far, melamine has been found in Chinese originated: milk, infant formula, candies, yoghurts, and other dairy products, cream sauces, baked goods where dairy products are incorporated, some baking powers, and sex products. (And I think the question should be asked of breaded items, like fishsticks, where dairy may be incorporated.) Last year it was found in: flours, rice, pet foods, fish, fowl, and hog foods. Is there any doubt that the use of melamine is widespread in china?

Is there any question, that a global economy requires global inspection? Despite the daily struggles of those souls trying to stem the tide, is there any doubt we don’t have that? 

Global (horrors!)


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