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A first look at how the counties voted and a chance to compare presidential votes with those of Prop 8 and others.


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If you haven’t been there yet today, check out the Confluence. All the regular bloggers there a writing a personal “Voting Strategy” and a synopsis how they got to their personal decisions. (more…)

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The ACLU launched a voter outreach program today. It’s a little late for most states in terms of registration for the Presidential Election on November 4th

However, there is still some good information to be gleaned from their page HERE.

They have provided a map with information to be downloaded for each state and Washington DC. I downloaded a voter pamphlet from California. It took about 2 minutes on dial up. Since I have a Mac, the downloads are always interesting. Using Firefox, the download went directly to my desktop. Those of us that have Safari, or maybe some other system, always have to stare at a black or blank page for those two minutes. It’s disconcerting when the bottom of the page tells you your page has failed to load. Bear with it. Eventually you’ll get a two page fold out card. To print it, you’ll have to run it twice.

In any event, just to read what it says, zoom the page, and you’ll find fascinating information on your rights. These include your legal rights if you are homeless, are currently or have been incarcerated. Many who have been through the penal system can currently vote. However, it depends on the state and your conviction.

If you missed the deadline to register for this election, plan for the next.

I Own My Vote, PUMA, The Denver Group, Just Say No Deal


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Mistakes happen. This is a reminder that the best source of voting information is your state’s Secretary of State. (more…)

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Last day for sixteen states that I could find! Do you know any others? (more…)

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It was hard enough just to get through the Texas Two Step. Read Capitol Annex’s latest on the status of voting in IKE affected areas: (more…)

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What Gary Said:

Vote, or risk having your vote stolen

Posted on September 20, 2008 by garychapelhill

[I sincerely believe that Obama for America intends to try to steal the presidential election, just as George W. Bush did in 2000.  Obama’s track record proves that he has absolutely zero integrity and an utter disregard for democratic prinicples.  That is the primary reason that I do not support him and think that he would be a danger to our country, and perhaps put the final nail in the coffin of our democratic process.  People like Bush and Obama want to make voters irrelevant.  They care only about the corporate vote, which is cast not with a ballot, but with a greenback.]



If you need to register to vote, contact your State, City or County Elections Board. A voter registration with either party’s candidate puts you in their databank. If you register in the field with one of the partisan groups, (more…)

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In March I wrote this on a Topix Blog site:

[No- no! We must have this fight with those who bring them, the racist, sexist, religion bashing, money questions, who did what in the 90’s, who did what in Chicago, who’s hiding what where? All these words, these attitudes that we hold onto, dregs of the last century, must go into the fire we are building. Two candidates are going into the fire. While I think the phoenix rising out the ashes will have a female head, whoever it is will not resemble the original. We must leave no stick, no leaf for the Republicans to burn.

This is the Democratic transformation that will occur. Do not be faint of heart!]

At the time I wrote this exhortation, I was still imagining that the Democratic Party understood that the years of right wing tripe to which we, the public have been subjected, regarding the Clintons, was an attack against the whole of the Democratic Party itself. Ultimately then, fighting the fire of the right wing by stepping into the blaze was the good fight. Little did I know that instead of stomping on the flames, or forging a stronger animal, the DNC would instead attempt to cure the problem by cutting off it’s own body and bleeding all over the kindling. (more…)

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