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 We already heard rumors that both campaigns are setting aside funds to fight election results. Get rid of the Caucuses! National Election reform is required, NOW, THIS ELECTION, AND BEFORE THE NEXT!!! (more…)

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Gary Baugarten will have Brad Friedman as guest on NewsTalk Online Today at 5:00 PM ET. Brad runs the BradBlog, and reports on election fraud , voter machine error, etc.

Gary has a link to click and listen, no charge. Go HERE.

Additionally, Brad recently interviewed Jennifer Brunner of Ohio, on the upcoming election.


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The USA is currently unable to democratically elect a presidential candidate!

Voting has already begun in places like Virginia, and other states are still trying to register voters, yet we are just getting ready to have our first debate on Friday between McCain and Obama. I turn your attention to this recent article:

High Turnout, New Procedures May Mean an Election Day Mess

By Mary Pat Flaherty

Washington Post Staff Writer

Thursday, September 18, 2008; A01



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What Gary Said:

Vote, or risk having your vote stolen

Posted on September 20, 2008 by garychapelhill

[I sincerely believe that Obama for America intends to try to steal the presidential election, just as George W. Bush did in 2000.  Obama’s track record proves that he has absolutely zero integrity and an utter disregard for democratic prinicples.  That is the primary reason that I do not support him and think that he would be a danger to our country, and perhaps put the final nail in the coffin of our democratic process.  People like Bush and Obama want to make voters irrelevant.  They care only about the corporate vote, which is cast not with a ballot, but with a greenback.]



If you need to register to vote, contact your State, City or County Elections Board. A voter registration with either party’s candidate puts you in their databank. If you register in the field with one of the partisan groups, (more…)

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Voter Registration ends in Florida Oct. 6th. Click HERE, to go to the  Florida Division of Elections and register. Avoid the Partisan bum’s rush!

Blogged by Brad Friedman on 9/18/2008 12:55PM 

McCain/GOP ‘Voter Caging’ Underway in Florida

Local Democratic Party Chair Seems Clueless About Republican Attempt to Disenfranchise His Voters…

From the St. Petersburg Times…

[…The mailings sent to registered Democrats appear to be classic “caging” letters, marked as “Do Not Forward”, so that they will then be returned to the GOP if there is any problem with delivery. Those returned letters will likely then be used as a basis to challenge the legitimacy of those particular voters on Election Day….

The first-class GOP mailing has a “Do not forward” instruction on the envelope, meaning they will be returned to the GOP if a recipient has had mail forwarded, perhaps to a summer address, or has moved. (more…)

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