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What did you learn about the candidates’ platforms Thursday night?

McClatchy reported that the VPOTUS debate viewer pool was 70 million; 40% larger than the POTUS debate. That the previous debate between McCain and Obama was reportedly the least watched ever televised is astounding, considering the ferment this election cycle has created.

I found I had to agree with the comments made on the Bill Moyer Show last night. None of the POTUS or VPOTUS candidates have yet really addressed how the current economic crisis has affected their platforms. Perhaps, it really is too early, but it is disconcerting to recognize once again that the solons we choose sometimes have no better crystal ball than we. (more…)

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If you live in Texas, read the latest from Change the Caucus.  Be sure and attend the next hearing if you can in El Paso Saturday, Oct 4th: (more…)

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