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Australia recalls products in tainted milk scandal

The Associated PressPublished: October 20, 2008

[SYDNEY, Australia: Australian officials ordered the recall of a milk drink and cake brand after tests showed they were contaminated with melamine, bringing to six the number of Chinese-made products withdrawn in Australia following China’s tainted milk scandal.

A spokeswoman for Food Standards Australia New Zealand said Monday that Orion brand Tiramisu Italian Cake with Cheese Cream and Dali Yuan brand First Milk vanilla-flavored drink were recalled Friday after government tests revealed the Chinese-made products contained low levels of melamine, the industrial chemical that has sickened tens of thousands of Chinese children….]


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Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now


My son in law informs me via Factcheck that ACORN volunteers are more likely paid $8 per hour.

Acorn tries to gather 20 signatures per person per day. Therefore, in the case of Harris County this would mean 10,800 rejected signatures were collected @ 20 per day for a sum of 540 days. Assume 8 hours per person at $8 per hour for a sum of $64 per day. $64 X 540 days equals $34,560 spent in Harris County for rejected signatures!

There are 254 counties in Texas.

Whether these monetary figures are close or not, they are worth closer review. The point is still that a 31% rejection figure is a very sloppy number. If voter registration is the only mission of ACORN, they are failing.

Read this article from Capitol Annex (CA) HERE.

Assume for the moment that ACORN has done nothing wrong in Harris County. Assume likewise, that Harris County also did nothing wrong. Let’s look as the figures reported in the above article from CA in another way. (more…)

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As I indicated in an earlier blog, I think these meetings can only be considered a skirmish in the battle to end caucuses. However, they are important in that they keep the spotlight on the subject. Democrats must make their views known. Reform alone is not enough!

Texas Dems considering changes in primary/caucus system

October 19, 2008 by End the Texas Two Step  

[ARLINGTON — Local Democratic voters called for reforming or abolishing the so-called Texas Two-Step at a hearing Friday, with several describing the well-attended precinct caucuses after the March primary as “chaotic” “discriminatory” and “corrupt.”…]



I Own My Vote, PUMA, The Denver Group, Just Say No Deal

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A phoenix reborn? (more…)

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