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WeHo Homeowners Pull Down Sarah Palin Effigy

Oct 29, 2008 7:19 pm US/Pacific


An effigy of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been taken down from a West Hollywood home, after the homeowner discussed the situation with the city’s mayor….]



The action of hanging a person’s effigy is always an expression of hate. So it is that a clueless West Hollywood artist has displayed his.

There were several symbolic statements he could have made in his Palin effigy. He could have made a statement that it was an expression of the regard she has been given in October, the Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

He could have said this act was a statement of the conditions of the MSM.

He could have made a Halloween statement by caricaturing all the candidates, instead of just Palin and McCain.

He wanted to make a scary, spooky statement. He was pleased that the tourist buses were stopping. However, his video statement on the outrage this would have created had it been Obama, provides the clue.

It’s clear in his artistic endeavor, that Chad Michael Morissette is one most afraid.

Misogyny will do that.

Can there be a lesson in this?

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