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It’s getting late! Trick or Treat for UNICEF; Get your box now!

Got Box?


Want to help kids in other parts of the world get the things they need to survive and grow?

You’ve got the power to do it!

This October, make Halloween count by Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF. You can help us get water, education and medicine to the children who need it most.

Getting involved is easy and fun!

First, you’ll need a box. Order boxes online, or create your own using this canister wrapper.

Then go door-to-door on Halloween—or create your own fundraiser—and ask everyone to help you raise money for kids around the world.

Once you’ve collected the money, send it to UNICEF to help save kids lives.

And be sure to celebrate your success once you’re done!


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For sure folks, it’s everywhere, check your supplies!! How can something be so horrible and funny at the same time? I mean what if no one had checked? How many ways can we poison ourselves? (more…)

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