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The FEC reports that the US Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit, on November 12th, affirmed Pennsylvannia’s Court decision regarding Berg V Barack Obama, et al. For all the documentation regarding this, go HERE.

Lest you have forgotten, this case attempted to present evidence regarding Obama’s ineligibility to run for and serve as  president, However, the lower court determined that Berg was not personally injured, and therefore had no standing to bring the suit.

Having taken a brief gander a the appeals court’s opinion, as a non expert, it looks like Berg’s suit was a mess. See what you think.

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If you haven’t got your H1N1 shot yet and you aren’t allergic to eggs, go get your gal-durn shot. If you are allergic to eggs and don’t have medical insurance with which to get medical advice, contact these people:





Solano County CA. has now confirmed the death of a six year old. A forty-year old man died recently, 80 people have been hospitalized and we have had one school dismissal. Maybe that doesn’t seem like much in a population of more than 400 thousand. Why do you want to be one of the lucky ones that got it?

Then, there is this, a now confirmed case of H1N1 in a cat. If yours aren’t feeling well, get it checked out.

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