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Gateway Pundit is noting in Bill O’Reilly’s media report HERE, that the media has run 37 negative and 2 positive reports on Sarah Palin in recent weeks, as well AP fact checkers for her book and a dubious CNN forum held without Palin supporters.

It’s just amazing what a woman in a health wear outfit, (more…)

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Oct 16th was World Food Day. On this day “The World Summit on Food Security” convened in Rome and will conclude today, November 18th.  Part of a three pronged series of events, these meetings are being held to address the additional burden that the global economic crisis has placed on world hunger.

The Food and Agriculture of the United Nations (FAO) estimates that the number of hungry people worldwide, will pass the one billion mark this year. This means that one sixth of the world is suffering from persistent hunger.

The agenda of these meetings is to provide an action plan on how to boost agricultural productivity. The FAO states:

[The gravity of the current food crisis is the result of 20 years of under-investment in agriculture and neglect of the sector. Directly or indirectly, agriculture provides the livelihood for 70 percent of the world’s poor.]

As you can see, global warming is not mentioned. (more…)

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