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The Iowa Independent reports that The GOP is threatening a filibuster of the health bill, by reading the entire thing. It makes me wish I could get C-Span all over again. Senator Tom Harkin is promising that if they do the Dems will maneuver to delay Thanksgiving break.  How many 24 hr. days to you need to read 2000 odd pages?

Harkin thinks they have the 60 votes, expects a motion to proceed by Friday and have it all over but the shouting by  the Christmas Holiday. Lovely. Read the link:

Harkin promises long nights of health care debate

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My ethnobotany calendar arrived today from WaterTurtleWeaver and it’s great!! The photos are sharp and luscious. They are placed around a smallish black calendar page that is without holidays and such. I think that was a wise choice, because it reinforces the idea of the rhythm of seasonality of the plants and activities shown in each month.

I was always interested in plants, I think, from the time Mom first started carting my brother and me around to the various landscaping centers in Southern California. (There were some pretty amazing ones there in the late fifties.) Later in an Oregon college, I studied botany with an interest in native plants.

Little did I know that my brother would be the one to experience a botanical life, with my sister-in-law. Her exploration and development of her heritage as a weaver, and teacher are admirable.

In any event, based on the acknowledgements at the back of the calendar, it’s clear that it was the result of a huge collaboration of people and organizations, dedicated to the idea presenting native plants and indigenous peoples’ use of them.

If you want a calendar, or to see some of her projects go to the WaterTurtleWeaver website HERE. If you are interested learning more about ethnobotany, especially in Southern California,  try Deborah Small HERE.

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Sorry. No time to get this out today. I’m still reading the health bill. If you also want to read it, HERE is the link Nancy Pelosi’s website. The House Version of the Bill H.R. 3962 is available in a .pdf download link on the upper right hand corner, under Issue Spotlight. H.R. 3961 is now part of the bill and won’t download, so I think It’s attached somewhere.

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