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When they arrested the San Francisco Pipe Bomber living next door to me in the mid eighties, there wasn’t peep in local neighborhood newspaper the next day. I recall the Chronicle said a few things, but not the location of his arrest, the blocking of our street, or the hauling out of his garage next to mine all those bomb parts.

So I get a kind of rueful giggle when SacBee sends me an email like THIS.


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Last week I found this older item in the BBC news. I had thought to do a little post around it. I would ask, what is religion, and how is it defined? Is it defined as Abrahamic, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Iranian, Kurdish, Western, Folk or Far Eastern? Or do we take the religious edifice we have constructed, break it into shards, pick up one to admire and kick at the rest?


After asking those questions, (more…)

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