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I’ve said before, I’m not a lawyer. I’m pretty clear about the cavernous maw of emptiness I have in this category. In reading the “Lawless” article below, I was reminded that as a constitutional lawyer, Obama is going to have some particular viewpoints about the state of affairs in the Justice Dept. What we have seen up to this week has been non-committal, maybe even conservatively strict. In the past, I’ve debated to myself as to whether given his path to now he will wind up entrenching patterns in the Department of Justice, or restore the balance BushCo tried so hard to break asunder. This article expressed pretty well some of the musing and questions I have. (more…)

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Another man: (more…)

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For that midnight political hamburger.


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It looks like the challange is on. Ron Coleman has filed suit challenging the contest. He is throwing an entire noodle bowl of points at the court in hopes something will stick, HERE.


Love him or hate him, it’s official! Except, it’s not quite. read the link. The “certification” will only stand if Coleman doesn’t challange.

Politico.com Breaking News:

The Minnesota Canvassing Board certified that Al Franken defeated Sen. Norm Coleman by 225 votes in the closely-contested Minnesota Senate race.


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The notice discussed below has since been superseded by another, so you will not see it at the bottom of my page. However, it is still on the FDA website. It’s website issuance date is still in question.

More Melamine found in wafer rolls, (cookies), Recalled from National Brands.

If you don’t know, make the jump and read the FDA notice in the “continue reading” below. 

If you will notice at the bottom of my blogsite this notice is listed in the FDA website today, Jan. 5, 2009. However, the notice is dated for Issuance on December 19th. At least two blogs were aware of a notice from Associated Press this early: Salon.com and Boston.com. The notices may have been derived from the company’s site.  This is not the first time I have noticed a discrepancy in issuance date and notice date from the FDA.

Maybe there are simple and innocent answers for this gap. However, it’s clear that the FDFA did not issue a website national recall throughout the entire holiday season, even though they may have had the information. Someone did. Who benefited? What are we going to do about it?

Kudos to Salon.com, Boston.com and AP. Let’s hope all the wafers were distributed to your area, instead of nationwide, and returned.  Otherwise, some of us may be looking at a slightly more plastic life. I didn’t, but if I thought I had ingested some of this garbage, I would talk to my doctor; even if I  wasn’t sick. It never hurts hurt to establish a baseline. (more…)

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If you are a victim of stalking, please call the National Center for Victims of Crime, Stalking Resource Center at 1-800-394-2255 or 1-800-211-7996 (TTY).

My husband watches for these things and reminds me that  January is National Stalking Awareness Month. If you have been imitating Rip Van Winkle, Peter Klaus, Honi M’agel or any other literary hypersomniacs, wake up  and read below. (more…)

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The New Mexico Independent just put this out:

BREAKING NEWS: Richardson withdraws

N.M. governor cites federal investigation into a California company with state contract

 By TRIP JENNINGS 1/4/09 11:36 AM

[Gov. Bill Richardson is withdrawing his name for consideration as U.S. Commerce Secretary, citing a federal investigation into a California company being investigated by the FBI.l Richardson has withdrawn his name from candicacy as Us commerce Secratary…]


Hmm. He could  be guilty of something. Or, as a personal observer to, and recipient of what the VRWC smear tactic did in the Clinton admin, he may think it might be too much for the Obama administration to take on right now.

The VRWC smear campaign came at a cost of more than 70 million voters dollars and the use of  investigation as  a political tool rather than a search for truth. 

I still don’t like him for what he did to HRC, but I’m going to wait and see how this investigation turns out, and then decide who to point fingers at.

P.S. the fact that the NYT, AP and Wapo are leading the charge on this uproar, just like with the VRWC allegations, does not inspire my trust.


Hillary Rodham Clinton: Living History

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