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Humboldt County is one of the lesser-populated counties in California; at around 126,500 people. It doesn’t take many missing votes to realize something is amiss. If you thought the flap about voting irregularities had died down, and you haven’t read the BradBlog yet this week, trundle right on over there:

‘Humboldt Transparency Project’ Reveals Diebold, U.S. Federal E-Voting Scam

State certification of votes is to be final on December 13th, then, we will all know who really won the November 2008 elections, and by how much in California. When does your state certify?

I Own My Vote, PUMA, The Denver Group, Just Say No Deal

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Latest news on the ongoing  committee meetings:

Testimony of Pam Durham Given at the Arlington Meeting

October 23, 2008 by End the Texas Two Step   

As a service for those people who have been unable to attend any of the meetings of the Advisory Committee on the Primary/Caucus, we will post any written testimony that is presented to the committee if we are given a copy of the testimony. If you have presented testimony to the committee and would like us to post it, just send us a copy. We will post all testimony, whether it agrees with our position to End the Texas Two Step or not.

We also call on the committee to put the recordings of the testimony online, so that people who were not present can listen to the recordings.

Below is the testimony of Pam Durham given at the Arlington meeting….


I Own My Vote, PUMA, The Denver Group, Just Say No Deal

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Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now


My son in law informs me via Factcheck that ACORN volunteers are more likely paid $8 per hour.

Acorn tries to gather 20 signatures per person per day. Therefore, in the case of Harris County this would mean 10,800 rejected signatures were collected @ 20 per day for a sum of 540 days. Assume 8 hours per person at $8 per hour for a sum of $64 per day. $64 X 540 days equals $34,560 spent in Harris County for rejected signatures!

There are 254 counties in Texas.

Whether these monetary figures are close or not, they are worth closer review. The point is still that a 31% rejection figure is a very sloppy number. If voter registration is the only mission of ACORN, they are failing.

Read this article from Capitol Annex (CA) HERE.

Assume for the moment that ACORN has done nothing wrong in Harris County. Assume likewise, that Harris County also did nothing wrong. Let’s look as the figures reported in the above article from CA in another way. (more…)

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Last day for sixteen states that I could find! Do you know any others? (more…)

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