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Selected Speeches from the 2008 Convention

How did the Republicans do in their convention speeches? As you are probably aware, they were distinctly different and rousing in a whole other way. Be sure and contrast them with the DNC speeches HERE:


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What QuakerDave said:

Count me out.

Posted on September 10, 2008 by QuakerDave

[Tomorrow is the seventh anniversary of the attacks by al-Qaida against the United States.  There will no doubt be many commemorations of that tragic event across the country.  Some places are referring to this date now as “Patriots’ Day,” even though that name in many places traditionally refers to April 19, the anniversary of the battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775.  The Philadelphia Phillies, for example, are calling it that, and they’re offering discounted tickets to members of the military, along with police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and others in similar professions.  (Not teachers, by the way.)  Which is fine.  Folks in the military need all the financial breaks they can get these days, as has been documented here.

It also turns out that many schools across the country are going to sponsor various and sundry events and activities to honor the day.  That includes our school.  Because of an initiative that came from someone on the faculty, we will, in addition to flying the flag at half-staff, be asking all staff and students to wear red, white, and blue clothing; to stand for a moment of silence after the daily recitation of the Pledge; and a listen to Ray Charles’ recording of “America the Beautiful,” along with a reading of a poem written by a former student.  We got a memo explaining all of this today.

Well, count me out….]


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Selected Speeches from 2008, and Obama’s 2004 Convention Speech

I always like to read the texts of speeches. For one thing, they load well on dial-up. For another, new meanings and better understandings arise. I like to compare them. Just for fun, when you read these, search the texts to see how often they use buzz words. Try union, labor, worker, education, teacher, family, etc. See if the presidential nominee actually addressed your interest, or let someone else say the words. So, for your use, here are several of the DNC convention speeches: (more…)

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