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Get involved today! Be a Poll Worker or a Poll Monitor!

An interesting kerfluffle has arisen in Michigan. No doubt the Obama campaign had an ulterior motive in picking Michigan. After all, they have a lot of PR work to do in making up for their own delegate theft. That Michigan might turn out to be one of the battleground states, makes the stakes all the higher. So recently this little tidbit came out:

Former GOP operative explains why Republicans will use foreclosure lists to block voters

By EARTHA JANE MELZER 9/15/08 10:05 AM

Unfair but “probably” legal, using foreclosure lists provides a cheap and effective strategy for McCain campaign (more…)

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News on IKE

FireDogLake sends word from Blue Texan that it might not be going so good:

Three Years After Katrina, Bush’s FEMA Still Sucks

By: Blue Texan Monday September 15, 2008 1:45 pm



The posturing and positioning is already beginning. (more…)

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