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Texas Voter Registration Currently Ends Oct. 6th

When one of my daughters lived in Leander, Texas, for several years, she and her husband often had some trouble voting. Even though they registered and lived in the same place, they found that their names were not on the voter list. This happened several times. After the first experience, and the day of the second, she called the registrars office to confirm that they were indeed on the list. However, when they showed up to vote, they had to argue with the poll that they were still registered.

I add this small bit of family experience to the ether. I ask you to consider Lynnette Long’s growing compendium of election fraud in Texas, in line with the following: I just went on line to the Montgomery Co. website in Texas and it appears their server is down. This is probably due to the power outage. However, I think we must anticipate the possibility that the general election vote will be affected by Ike.

It appears that voter registration for the General Election currently ends in Texas on October 6th!!  This will not be a lot of time to begin to recover from all the damage Ike is currently inflicting. Re-registering, or assuring you are still registered, may not be at the top of your priority list right now.  However, I urge you as soon as you are able, to call your registrars office or go online and ascertain your status, and print a pdf copy if you need to. The State of Texas should make accommodation for this event. 


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We PUMAs were all glad when Olberman and Matthews were demoted but what are we doing about this guy?

Mark Belling called Gloria Steinem a “grizzled old bag,” “old witch”

[Summary: Radio host Mark Belling called Gloria Steinem a “grizzled old bag,” “old witch,” and “embittered old has-been” and also stated that the “previous generation” of feminists “were so ugly you couldn’t stand to look at them.”]

http://mediamatters.org/items/200809050016 (more…)

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