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Settle onto that blanket for the evening’s display. Each one is a beauty! If you, like Michelle Cottle, thought feminists were silent on the subject of “Sarah Barracuda”, you just weren’t reading the right ones!

Move On’s (And Others) Rumor Mongering – Updated

By Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy on September 9, 2008 at 7:50 AM 

[A few days ago, I printed an email that Move On sent out with a number of “dangerous” positions that Gov. Palin allegedly holds or actions in which she engaged. A number of them were flat out wrong. It is exactly this kind of “Swiftboating” we all decried when it happened to Kerry. (more…)

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Stuff of Genius

Well gee, Michelle is lost and confused about what happened to feminists. That’s what happens when you start with a faulty premise, like assuming there was a choice after 2004, and start blaming the victim. Hey, at least she knows our name, and she’s discombobulated enough she forgot to ignore us:



By Michelle Cottle

Post Date Wednesday, September 24, 2008 | Issue Date Wednesday, September 24, 2008

[Can someone please tell me what the hell happened? This presidential election was supposed to be a high-water mark for feminism. Hillary Clinton entered the primaries as the first female front-runner in our nation’s history. Better still, she wasn’t running as a Woman Candidate.  ….]


Of course, THIS kind of information below is the real source of Michelle’s concern:


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Why is “Affirmative Action” one of the touchstones of this election? This counter discriminatory tool is but one of many federal programs enacted in the middle of the last century. Wikipedia offers the following definition of the program:

[The term affirmative action describes policies aimed at a historically socio-politically non-dominant group (typically, minority men or women of all racial groups) intended to promote its access to education or employment. Motivation for affirmative action is a desire to redress effects of actual or perceived, past or current discrimination that is regarded as unfair. [Who?] It also serves to encourage public institutions such as universities, hospitals and police forces to be more representative of the population].

Perhaps it seems out of date to talk about affirmative action. Further, to discuss affirmative active in the context of it’s gender benefit to Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, ageism benefit to John McCain, or it’s race benefit to Barack Obama seems at odds with what we know of their upbringing. (more…)

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