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You may remember that Barack Obama had opted out of the public finance system in July-August. Pundits speculated at the time he would need around 55 million a month to complete the race. Then he made some nicey nice about asking donors to 527’s to contribute to his campaign instead. Hah! Lately MoveOn has spent it’s time OPPOSING McCain, rather than supporting Obama. The SEIU just reported on Sept 10th, they spent around $255,000, in Missouri and Kansas canvassing for Obama. They reported another $365,000 canvassing in Iowa. (Local 199.) (more…)

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I was settling down a little, then I found annebellep’s article. Read the first three articles. Then read hers. Can’t forget the the whack attacks about pigs and fish? Palin IS NOT the latest bimbo.  However, someone IS hoping you will go there. Palin appeals to us western types in a grown up, real person way. She also has the skills to do the job and that is scaring the bejeezus out of all the minions of the Boys Only Club.

Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Colorado, Missouri, Michigan, Wyoming, parts of California, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, maybe even Kansas, and Iowa.

Take a look at some of the serious ruminations going on below, and think about the states I just listed:


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