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If you haven’t been there yet today, check out the Confluence. All the regular bloggers there a writing a personal “Voting Strategy” and a synopsis how they got to their personal decisions. (more…)

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She is remembered as a woman whose gifts of strength and accomplishement carried those around her into a new world.

Our thoughts are with her family.


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Recently a report was issued from the National Womens’ Law Center, on insurance discrimination against women, documenting how the insurance companies unfairly charge women. One of the spurious reasons given is the field of gynecology and pregnancy care, which men do not have.

Gender discrimination crosses all boundries, however. (more…)

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What is important in this election? Are these goals of PUMAs? No! See, I think the story below is a good example of how rumor currents can begin from the far right, wash across and infect the left. I mean, do we really care about this? Isn’t this a deep dishonesty, when the only desired answer promotes one side? Or is this just playing politics?

This election is about voter disenfranchisement, election engineering, bad machines, and what we do know about the candidates’ platforms. Yes, it’s also about who is getting dissed. Let’s be mindful of who is doing the dissing. Don’t be caught in the rip tide of this bad wave: (more…)

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