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I’m shaking my head, and trying not to waste perfectly good rage over this by howling and breaking things.

Michael Luo has been writing about Obama’s campaign donations, from the beginning. Mr Huo and I even had an email exchange over Obama’s reporting. I sent my concerns about donor counts in June, 2008.  So I wonder why we had to wait for the NYT to give us the truth after the election is over? If I can find this stuff over at the FEC, why can’t they? (more…)

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Stop the rape NOW!


Each year the Center for Women’s Global Leadership at Rutgers highlights sixteen women, men and organizations that standout in the fight against gender violence. Representing November 25th, is:

featherIngrid El-Issa

The Fund for the Four Directions
, New York City, USA. 

Native American Women’s Rights Activist

Ingrid El-Issa (O’Peqtaw-Metamoh) was an outspoken Indigenous women’s human rights activist who was brutally murdered in February of 1999. Ingrid was Executive Director of the Fund for the Four Directions where she initiated a new effort to promote and revitalize Indigenous languages and cultures.

She was the Chair of the NGO Committee on the United Nations International Decade of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, which eventually created the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) in 2002. Ingrid is acknowledged by many as one of the key figures in the establishment of the Forum.

Today, she is recognized as a pioneering women’s human rights defender who helped to integrate Indigenous Rights into the human rights framework and influenced governments and institutions to take action on a number of Indigenous rights concerns.


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081126 – Wikipedia started a page for Rob Nabors. I’ve linked it to his name.

From Politico.com 

President-elect Obama announced announced Peter Orszag as Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director and Rob Nabors as Office of Management and Budget Deputy Director. Orszag is the Director of the Congressional Budget Office. Nabors is Clerk and Staff Director of the House Appropriations Committee.


Orzag is connected with Joseph Stiglitz and There are quite a few things still available on the web for documents and article done by Orszag and the Sebago Associates, his first company. Do a search now and get what you want before they disappear.

Here a couple:

“Rethinking Pension Reform: Ten Myths About Social Security Systems”

“The Benefits of Flexible Funding: Implications for Pension Reform in an Uncertain World”

Wikipedia has not yet see fit to start a page on Rob Nabors, however he is listed on Obama’s transition team HERE. 

A Politico.com Bio on him is HERE.

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Born this day:

Amber Hagerman

Born November 25, 1986(1986-11-25)

Died January 17, 1996 (aged 9)

Arlington, Texas

Amber Hagerman (November 25, 1986–January 15, 1996) was a young girl who became a victim of an abduction and murder. On January 13, 1996, she was riding her bike near her grandparents’ home in Arlington, Texas, and was kidnapped soon thereafter.[1] Her murder would later inspire the creation of the AMBER Alert system.


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Lillian Copeland (November 25, 1904 – July 7, 1964) was an American athlete, who excelled in weight throwing. She has been called “the most successful female discus thrower in U.S. history”, despite the fact that she held multiple titles in shot put and javelin throwing as well.

Until the Beijing Games, she was the only American woman to win the discus throw at a modern Olympiad.

She was also the first Olympian who was an alumna of the University of Southern California and Los Angeles High School.

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Today is International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

[Women’s activists have marked November 25 as a day against violence since 1981. On December 17, 1999, the United Nations General Assembly designated 25 November as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (Resolution 54/134). The UN invited governments, international organizations and NGOs to organize activities designated to raise public awareness of the problem on this day as an international observance. Women around the world are subject to rape, domestic violence and other forms of violence, and the scale and true nature of the issue is often hidden.

This date came from the brutal assassination in 1960, of the three Mirabal sisters, political activists in the Dominican Republic, on orders of Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo (1930-1961).

There is more information about the history of this day, and UN publications relating to violence against women, at the UN’s Dag Hammarskjöld Library. The UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund for Women) also has a regular observance of the day, and offers suggestions for others to observe it.]

Download the Publication “Gender Equality Now”.

Sign your name to the Petition “Say NO to Violence Against Women“.

This date also marks the beginning of 16 days of Activism against Gender Violence, culminating on  December Tenth, with International Human Rights Day.

Click the 16 days link above to see if you know the 16 forms of gender based violence.

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Midnight regulations, Ptewi! More Bushco stuff to fix:

EPA Moves to Ease Pollution Rules

Power Plants May Be Able to Operate Longer Hours With Less Regulation

By MATTHEW BLAKE 11/24/08 3:55 PM

The Environmental Protection Agency seems on the brink of issuing a new regulation that would make it easier for power plants to operate longer hours — and emit more pollution.

Under the proposed rule, power plants would be able to measure their rate of emissions on an hourly basis instead of their annual total output. As long as the hourly emissions stay at or below the plant’s established maximum, the plant would be treated as if it were operating cleanly — even if its total annual emissions increased as plant managers stepped up output.


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